Married For: 3636 days!
  Wedding Date: July 12, 2008


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SM looking for SF for friendship or maybe more at the reception. I'll be the handsome man in the suit with a pink tie.

Shawn Lawlor
Congratulations to the two of you! All the best!

Cathy & Matti Saari

Chris and Tammy Oldford
So looking forward to your special day. We still miss you at work Chris!

Jason, Carrie, and Caleb Byers

Greg and Heather Viers

Dave and Suzie Rofaiel
Hi Chris and Michelle, Sorry it took us so long to rsvp - we lost the invitation in the midst of all the moving and packing and unpacking! But we found it today, and quickly jumped to the computer to send off our very enthusiastic YES to your invitation! Thanks for inviting us to your special day. We look forward to seeing you soon. Lots and lots of love from us both - Dave and Suzie

Carl & Pat Doucette

Julie Lee-Yaw
Sorry for responding so late but I am coming and I am super excited!!!

Brad Skuse and Julie Ouillette
Thank you for inviting us to your special day. We wish you all the best.

Thelma and Jim Robbins

Julie Maranger and Shannon Jarvis
Shannon and I are honored to attend this special day and wish you all the best. We know Michelle primarily through singing and guitars. I hope your life together is filled with singing and guitars. Sincerely, Julie

Frank & Jean Allan
We met Chris and Michelle through our educatcational connections.

Mike Ruta

Charlotte Rouleau & André Charlebois

Matt & Heidi Mikitka
It is an honour to be able to share this special day with you. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day. May God bless you with his peace, which transcends all understanding. Philippians 4:7

Bill and Marg Cousins

Cheryl Durksen

Steve and Jacinda David

Vince Valeriano and Lisa Daley

Ainslie Bertram

Nancy Totino-Rotella & Peppi Rotella
It's almost here!!! We're looking forward to seeing you get hitched (and watching you bust-a-move)! Some advice for your special day: 1) set aside a moment for just the two of you, and 2) take the time to pause and take it all in...

Michelle and Brian Chen

Lise Dalrymple and Steve Siekierko

Scott, Sandy & Lisa Davidson

Ramona and Rebecca Seupersad
I first met Chris guarding along side with him at Birchmount Pool. He was the only guy crazy enough to go in and toss the kids around in the pool on his breaks. Little did I know that this was a start of a beatiful friendship,lol. And then I met Michelle on my first visit to Ottawa where she was introduce to me as 'just the friend'....uh huh...yeah right!!!

Jenna Wong and Gerald Gaunt
Congratulations!! We're so excited for you guys...40 days and counting! :P

Jennifer Lee
Michelle and I taught together for about a semester and I got to meet Chris through a games night. Looking forward to the big day!

Jenn Lewis
Michelle and I were roomies in Waterloo :)

Bobby and Linda Morgan
We are the proud Aunt and Uncle of Christopher. We are looking forward to the big day!

Christina , John and Sara Teixeira
We are looking forward to this wonderful celebration!

Janice Domingo
ahhhhh...only 42days left!!! I honestly can't wait. I'm smiling big for you guys! :) Love Ya, Janice

Toby dog
Ha ha fooled ya I'm not coming but I wanted to see my name in print!!!! I'll be waiting at home for someone to throw my rope......ruff ruff

Bob and Rosemarie Atkinson
We are the proud and loving parents of Christopher. We have watched him grow into the man he is today. We wish both him and Michelle all the happiness and welcome her into our family.

Gerhard & Cathy Roth

Kathryne and Paul Finnemore
My parents and Michelle's parents were part of the twins association together. We've been good family friends since as long as I can remember. Our families did many outdoor activities and New Years celebrations when we were much younger. I've met Chris through Michelle on a few occasion, they are a perfect match. Congratulations!!!

Elaine Sung
I've known Michelle since we were "yay" high...picture me with my hand to my hips (and I'm a short girl). I just met Chris and he is perfectly suited for Michelle. Congratulations! - Elaine

Keith and Jude Lockett
We met Chris (one of his first "dates" with Michelle) as he agreed to coach Rick and Marion's friends in the fine sport of curling. All the very best wishes on this joyous and wonderful day.

Melanie Koop

Mike & Christine Sikorski

Karen Carney
I am Michelle's first cousin, on her mother's side. Looking forward to the wedding. Ottawa is lovely in July:)

Mac & Serena Pham
Looking forward to seeing you both again :)

Mary & Bill Laycock

Reuben and Lisa Cooke

Jen Laycock

Father Joe Ruta

Mike Keevil & Megan Brush
Mike is Michelle's cousins. Megan is his very polite and sweet fiancé.

Tom Keevil
Tom is Michelle's cousin. He is currently living in Vancouver and working as a pilot.

Rick & Jane Keevil
Rick and Jane are Michelle's aunt and uncle. Jane is Rick Cousins's sister.

Trevor & Tracy Carney
We hope all your planning is going well, and we'll see you in 2 weeks at our wedding and can't wait to attend your wedding.

Earl Almeida
Chris & I first met as 9 year olds when we played on the same minor hockey team coached by his dad. Our paths crossed again towards the end of elementary school as we played against each other while representing our school on the softball team. Attending JPII together in Grade 9 we began to hang out more often, starting with intramural hockey and building touch football, OFSAA curling, starve-a-thons, camping at Sandbanks and much, much more over the past 15 years.

Stephanie Brouillette & Abdé Akbache
I met Michelle in High School and we've been friends since then. I did not have a chance to meet Chris but I heard so many good things about him! I am so happy for you Michelle. I can't wait to see you and I hope your family is doing great. Big kiss, Stephanie :)

Kurt Arnold
I met Chris when Michelle starting bringing him to my grandparents' place in Huntsville.

Kathy & Dave Arnold
We met Chris through Michelle, who is our favourite niece.

Werner and Claudette Heiss

Leslie Bellingham
Unfortunately, John won't be able to make it because his friend Bill Mous is getting married on the same day in Hamilton. Since both your wedding and Bill and Courtney's wedding were ones we really want to attend, we decided to split up. I'm looking forward to celebrating with you!

Russ Martin

Charlie Saso & Erin Saso
Michelle has know Charlie Saso through his daughter Kathleen who has been a close friend of Michelle's since grade 7. Charlie Saso is always excited to share about what is new in the Contemporary Christian music scene. He has a great love for people. Erin Saso is Kathleen's sister.

Marion & Rick Cousins
Marion and Rick are the proud and loving parents of Michelle. That pride and love extends to Chris who we cherish as a friend as well as a future son-in-law.

Ed & Joan Ellis
Ed and Joan are neighbourhood friends of the family. They exemplify living a spirit-filled life.

Don & Dorris Carney
Don and Dorris are Michelle's uncle and aunt. Don is Marion's brother.

Connie Day & Edward Williams
Michelle's aunt and uncle. Connie is Marion's sister.

David and Cathy Ruta
Chris's "Uncle D" has had the pleasure of watching Chris grow into the fine human being he is from the first day he joined the Pacione extended family. "Aunt 'C" first knew Chris as an exceptionally bright 7-year-old, who charmed her out of her "I hate kids" mode. ;) OK: now I'll stop talking in the 3rd person. Chris and Michelle stopped in to our home in Napanee on their way through from Toronto to Ottawa, and I knew as soon as I saw them together that it was going to be permanent: the happiness they exuded was palpable and contagious: I was smiling for a week after! Much love to both of you. Looking very forward to seeing you again a few short weeks.

Carol Dawson & Joe Dlouhy
It will be a privilege and honour to attend the wedding ceremony for two such fun-loving,young people. I look forward to sharing in your special day. The wedding day goes fast, so enjoy each moment... Love Carol & Joe .

Tara Atkinson, John Sinclair

John and Kathy Deutekom
Congratulations Chris and Michelle! The Cousins, Deutekom and Heiss families have been friend's since we met at a twin parent's meeting in 1982. We've watched Michelle grow into the beautiful, accomplished young woman she is today. We first met Chris when he and Michelle kindly volunteered to give us a curling lesson a couple of years ago and even then, hoped it would lead to a romance. The two are made for each other.

Natalie McNamara and Patrick Brazeau
I met Michelle in Kindergarten and have always known her to be a very competitive person, congrats, you win again, first to get married out of the old school gang. All the best to you both!

Brian Cousins and Rebecca Saari
Michelle and Chris, When I met Brian, about 7 years ago, I found the love of my life. What a bonus to have Michelle and Chris as a future sister and brother. In my heart, you have been family since we met... I can't wait until it's official! Brian adds a general "hooray!"

Marc & Rachel Mikitka
Michelle is a family friend of the Mikitka's, and I first met her at Beacon Bible Camp in August 2005. I remember talking to her outside the lighthouse and thinking how friendly and open she was and how much I enjoyed talking to her. I didn't get to see her again for two years, but any time she was mentioned I would say "oh, that nice girl I talked to at camp". Then in the winter of 2007 my then fiance, now husband, Marc moved to Ottawa for a co-op term. Not knowing anyone in the Ottawa area Chris and Michelle took Marc under their wing and invited him to join a Friday night volleyball league. They had a lot of fun and frustrating times and bonded greatly. Meanwhile, I was hearing all about Chris and Michelle every week back home (I am from BC) and got to feel like I already knew them. Finally last summer I was able to meet Chris at Marc's sister's wedding. Our eyes met over a distance in the crowded church, and I knew right away it was him because he was with Michelle, and he knew it was me because I was with Marc. I could tell right away just from the friendly smile on his face that we would be friends. So we walked up to one another and didn't wait to be introduced, he just said "you must be Rachel", and I said "you must be Chris", and we were friends right away. Just this last February Marc and I were able to take a trip up to Ottawa to visit Chris and Michelle and we solidified our bond. If Chris and Michelle ever invite you over for a weekend take them up on it! They are wonderful hosts. They even bought a memory foam for their guest bed while we were there so we would have a more comfortable sleep! We are so excited to be a part of your special day and are so happy for you two to start your life together. Being married is wonderful! God bless!

Jason Keon and Gillian Craig
We met Michelle and Chris on Petrie Island for our first game of beach volleyball summer of 2007.

Lisa & Ross DeWitt
I have known Chris since we were babies.... Our parents moved onto a quiet Street in Scarbrough around the same time over 25 years ago. We lost touch over the years but got reconnected a few years ago. Ross and I are touched that you would include us in your special day. Lisa

Chris Atkinson & Michelle Cousins
We are looking forward to this day with joyful anticipation! We will definitely be attending :)

Blaine and Terry Morlock
We have known Chis for many years. We remember him as a faithful and diligent altar server. We got to know him a little better during the exchange programme with students from Quebec during elementary school. Blaine remembers his many contributions of time and talent to the Knights of Columbus. I got to know Chris very well through his many years of involvement with our parish youth group and when we travelled together to Nigeria in 2004 and as pilgrims to World Youth Day in Cologne Germany in 2005. He is a dear friend and we wish him and Michelle many years of happiness. Terry Morlock

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